This life.

June 20th, 2006 + 2:06 PM  ·  SoldierSevenDeuce

all these rhymes written in ghetto times/living life like there ain't no tomorrow/think its time to go/ if i reach under my seat/imma pull out the heat/movin to my own beats/ain't gonna be swallowed up by the streets/most of these are only the pieces of the life i live/ my own soul i would give/to be free from this state of mind/last night we crossed the line/cant go back to before that slap/busted open an old ladies head with a cap/did it for a few bucks/this shit sucks/gonna take after the armor trucks/better lock my ass up in the pen/ain't no court gonna look away again/been here before/fucking cops kickin in the door/ gotta get away/cant go to jail today/i got fuckin bills to pay/ think i should pay-off the DA/ only one way to escape/pull out my glock/you know i keep that bitch cocked
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